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I'm an avid RPG player and comic book collector, so Silver Age Sentinels https://smile.amazon.com/Silver-Age-Sentinels-Mark-MacKinnon/dp/1894525639/ is my favorite game in the whole world to play. My gaming group stopped playing it, so I started writing a Twitter 'blog about my SAS character, Living Lightning, and his adventuring group, The Milwaukee Guard https://twitter.com/LLbyJR. I also love Spycraft 2.0 https://spycraft2.fandom.com/wiki/Main_Page. It's scary how much it's just like doing Monte Carlo simulations of a Black Op, like an A-Team/Equalizer/Leverage/Burn Notice episode; I literally can't believe NSA hasn't classified it. I've loved Speed Racer my whole life, so I've wanted to be a Wheelman/Pilot since before I've been able to form permanent memories.

My favorite super-hero is Captain Marvel, Jr. My favorite fictional character in the whole world is Kelly Robinson from "I Spy" (1965) (#HelloOutThereInRadioland) For a long time (~2000 - ~2012), Kato Hayashi (AKA The Green Hornet's Man), as portrayed by Bruce Lee in "The Green Hornet" (1966), was my favorite fictional character in the whole world.

I'm an avid football ("soccer") fan. My favorite sports team is Arsenal. My favorite player in the whole world is Thierry Henry.

I've studied several martial arts. Most recently, I studied Nami Ryu Aiki Heiho. Mike Mack operates the only dojo for this martial art of which I'm aware in Milwaukee. It is the only Japanese TMA ("traditional martial art") that has ever been taught to the US military, and it's only taught there to Special Forces. I want to study Hontai Hakkei Ryu Aikijujutsu, but there's only one dojo of which I'm aware in the US, and it's in PA (It used to be in MA).

I adore hustlers in all their forms (#NoGoshNoNo). I would love, on some level, to be an 8x8x8 Strato Chess hustler at Washington Square in NYC IRL (#NoGoshNoNo #NoGoshNoNo #NoGoshNoNo). I'd love to be a pilot-hustler in an action-adventure group like James "Howlin' Mad" Murdock on "The A-Team" in my fantasy life ("'One step ahead of the game' isn't a plan, kid: [15-20] steps ahead -- beating your opponents's move [5 moves from now before HE knows what move he's going to make 5 moves from now] -- that's a plan. [...] And I LOVE it when a plan comes together!" #IMovedAPawnYeah "Excuse me, I just hit my golf ball through your window; do you mind if I just - play right through?" #PlayRightThrough #PlayRightThrough #PlayRightThrough #PlayRightThrough). I've always thought of Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott as hustlers on some level. Before I knew what "I Spy" was, I had a Twitter 'blog about a football hustler of sorts (really, a then-MLS player) named Easy Worthy, with actor-in-concert Alex Sanders (TFC's all-star goalkeeper) https://twitter.com/EasyWorthy14.

My Personal Computer God Pantheon:
Ken Thompson
Linus Torvald
Linux (kernel)

Marc Ewing

Ian Murdock
Debian, DPKG, APT
Mark Shuttleworth Ubuntu

Seth Vidal, Michael Stenner

Matthew Paul Thomas
Ubuntu Software Center
William Jon McCann, Jakub Steiner, Allan Day
GNOME Software Center

Max Howell

Vincent Saluzzo
Rob Reynolds
Christiaan Baes
Chocolately GUI

"Graham had anticipated the question. A reason [not to use Ubuntu Linux on System76 hardware] would not occur readily to Dr. [Rolland]." - Red Dragon by Thomas Harris ("Play this story up big, Mike!" #Bazinga)

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